Periodic Comet 93P/Lovas CCD Images

September 11, 2007
False color image of periodic comet 93P/Lovas, obtained on 2007 Sep. 11 (23h27UT) with 60-cm, f/3.3 Deltagraph telescope, CCD and R filter. Image is a composition of 3x120 sec co-addedd exposures. Image scale is 2.49 arc sec/pixel. Copyright © 2007 by H. Mikuz, Crni Vrh Observatory.

August 24, 1998

Comets C/1998 K5 Linear (right) and 93P/Lovas 1(left) appeared on the same frame, only about 10 arc min apart when this image was obtained on 1998 Aug. 24.005UT. It was taken with 36-cm, f/6.7 S-C telescope, V filter  and CCD.  Exposure time was 5 minutes. Copyright © 1998 by  H. Mikuz.

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