Foreign Orders
Please note that all orders paid by credit cards should be nominated in local currency (SIT)!
On the Internet:
please note that ordering via e-mail is not secure. Do not send credit card orders in this way!
By fax:
Print out the order form, fill out, and fax to: +386 61 1405 370 Credit card orders only
By Mail:
Print out the order form, fill out and mail it to: Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Department of Physics, Astronomical Observatory, Pot na Golovec 25, 1000 Ljubljana, SLOVENIA
Shipping and handling: (Air Mail delivery for all destinations, except Slovenia)

Order form:
Print this document, fill out, and mail or fax it to us according to the instructions at the top of the page.

To: Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Astronomical Observatory

Name: ____________________________________________________________________________________
Address: ____________________________________________________________________________________
City: ____________________________________
State: ____________________________________
ZIP: ____________________________________
Phone: ____________________________________
Email: ____________________________________
Method of Payment:
Visa: ____
Mastercard: ____
Exp. Date: ____ / ____
Signature: __________________________________
Card No: __________________________________
Items Ordered
Quantity Description Price Each Total
________ _____________________________ ______________ ______________

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